Layout: Progress at Georgetown Junction & Bethesda

Got a bit of work done on the layout today. Laid down more roadbed at Georgetown Junction and laid in the sub roadbed (Homasote) in Bethesda. Did some thinking about track laid flush on the sub roadbed in Bethesda vs. laying it on roadbed. I was originally leaning toward all on the sub roadbed itself but thinking about Bethesda there was a nice track profile on much of it. This will be tricky. I do have some large Homabed panels that would work but I think it may be a waste here. We will see! Going to study some more photos and make a decision. Progress is good!

IMG_6898 IMG_6897 IMG_6896 IMG_6894 IMG_6892 IMG_6891

One thought on “Layout: Progress at Georgetown Junction & Bethesda

  1. Subtle changes in elevation can really make a scene. It looks good when the rail surfaces make a sort of flat plane up above the ground contour. Extra work, but worth it. Took me four layouts to learn this.

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