Modern CSX Ballast Train at Georgetown Junction

Pete D. captured this awesome trackside footage at Georgetown Jct. The new track closest to the camera is the original alignment of the Eastbound siding at the Junction and the Branch itself branched off to the far left where the new grass is growing. Purple Line tracks will be in the vicinity of the camera in the future, further changing the landscape forever. NICE catch!

CSX Ballast Train passing Georgetown Jct WB 4/13/2021 w/SD70MAC leader

One thought on “Modern CSX Ballast Train at Georgetown Junction

  1. Cool vid. The question is what is this new track going to be used for, hopefully to spot building materials for the purple line when they reach this area if they went to the trouble to relocate the siding, it’ll be interesting to see if they add yet a fourth track, like back when there were the two team tracks. The GB siding itself though I recall wasn’t being used for much anyways when they took it out.

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