1948-1961: DC Transit at Dalecarlia Photo Collection

Jun 3, 1951: CTCo 766 at Dalecarlia

Once again, J. Shriver has graciously shared another truly magnificent collection of photos. This time it’s a nice slice of images spanning over 13 years focusing on the DC Transit’s Cabin John line where it passed beneath the B&O’s Georgetown Branch. The photos so wonderfully depict the details of the DCT right of way that I have NEVER seen and so much yearned to see in detail! The images depict several fan trips and excursions, from best I can tell, as well as a few explorations and other journeys. Photographers vary. Enjoy! To view, click here.

One thought on “1948-1961: DC Transit at Dalecarlia Photo Collection

  1. Wow these are some stellar pics, too bad so much of the streetcar ROW has been virtually obscured by urban development over the years

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