Early Aerial Photos of DC

These aerial photo mosaics shot over DC in the early 20th century are incredible.

Aerial photographic mosaic map of Washington, D.C., Sept 13, 1922

Aerial photographic mosaic, Washington, D.C., 1918

It is striking to me just how built-up the city has become over the last one hundred years. Looking at the mosaic from 1922, I’m not certain there is a bridge across Canal Rd. at the future site of Arizona Ave. It appears there is only the bridge across the Canal. Perhaps there was a smaller bridge there? My sources are not clear. More research is in order!

One thought on “Early Aerial Photos of DC

  1. If I’m seeing things right, the spur to the Lincoln Memorial was there in 1918 but not in 1922.

    You can see the large coal gassification plant in Foggy Bottom. I suppose it must have received its coal by barge and not the railroad?

    You can also see the aggregate operation in full swing on land that became Thompson’s boathouse at the mouth of Rock Creek. No Lone Star Cement at that early date.

    Interesting to see that the Dale Carlia filtration plant wasn’t there yet in 1922. A siding north of the tunnel was used to bring supplies instead.

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