Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant ca 1974

In a wonderful photo posted to the CSX “Cap, Met, and OML” subs, Railfans Facebook group by Ray Soderberg, we have a look at the track arrangement at the water treatment plant ca May, 1974. This arrangement was implemented when the facility underwent various upgrades.

For me, it was a real eye-opener. I had never seen this arrangement and it is really cool to see. Remnants of the unloading facility (where the tank car is spotted in the distance, in the center, are still there today: https://goo.gl/maps/PEi6kpCXfrbBcssu9

5 thoughts on “Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant ca 1974

  1. That tank car is consistent with those Westvaco tank cars. It is also consistent with Stauffer chemical tank cars.

    The chlorine was unloaded to the left of the photo where the nearest tank car is. I’m guessing the far tank car is not chlorine.

    In the 1963 aerial photo you can still see the previous unloading tracks (with chlorine tanks on even) and the track to the west of the big main building hadn’t been built yet.

    I had heard that the building of the new bigger building and the location of the siding was done as a classic bureaucratic territorial move to ensure that the streetcar (Glen Echo line) could never re-open.

  2. Holy crow what a great shot! I believe the track going off to the right is the main? Based on the angle it looks like that’s roughly the curve that lies before the ramp to the bike bridge today but because that area has been so altered and developed it’s impossible to tell where anything is or was.

  3. And on another note I’d love to know what camera this was shot with. For a pic from the 70s this is probably the most clear, pristine looking photo of the GB I’ve seen. If you told me this was a contemporary shot from 2014 instead of 1974 I’d believe it.

  4. Yep. The location is right where you think it is. Just where the ramp begins up and over the access road on the old bridges. About where the rest stop/sign is. As far as placing old photos, look for reference points that are still there, such as the buildings.

  5. Hayden, the photographer, Ray Soderberg, is on Facebook. Have a gander over there and he may be able to tell you the specs.

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