B&O FM H12-44 9725 Heading East at Georgetown Jct., April 5, 1966

B&O 9725-1 Silver Springs MD 04-05-66, By RNS
B&O 9725-1 Silver Springs [sic] MD 04-05-66, By RNS

This wonderful photo by Russ Strodtz on Flickr came via Jeffrey Sessa over on the Maryland Division Railfans FB group. My money is on the train likely being a load of empties coming off the branch, perhaps from Maloney in Georgetown or Bethesda. Curious if they’ll pick up some cars from the Junction and head East or pick up loads and head back to Georgetown. REALLY neat view of the E.C. Keys lumber shed in the background. Gives me some great info for when I build that model! Thanks, Jeffrey!

3 thoughts on “B&O FM H12-44 9725 Heading East at Georgetown Jct., April 5, 1966

  1. Note how all the cement hoppers, both in the train and the foreground of the siding have the older square hatches and also lack the “missing” rib of the very common Pullman built PS-2 and clones, however they do have the notch at the end like a PS-2. This combination of features, built by acf is not common, yet everything (that is close enough to see) here is that kind. I wish I could see the roadname. I’m going to hazard a guess that these are N&W cars. I do not believe B&O/C&O/WM had cars of this design, though I could be wrong.

    There was a good sized cement mill on the N&W at Front Royal. That mill also shipped bagged cement to T.W.Perry, which could explain the N&W 40′ boxcar on the head pin. (Or not – boxcars moved around a lot).

    Because these cars are all the same, it does stand to reason they are all from the same customer (ie, Maloney Concrete or Georgetown), though that supplier in Front Royal certainly could have supplied several plants.

    Further back on the sidings are more covered hoppers, and those we can’t tell their design. I might spy a couple of black ones? C&O? Hard to tell, like you said.

  2. Christopher – thanks for your fantastic comments! I really appreciate you providing all that detail on the cars and businesses. I really should pick your brain on a few other cars that have me stumped. Well, there are many! Looking at the covered hoppers, it appears the first one is B&O – I can see the lettering. The next one appears to have the same lettering but it’s much harder to see. The paint color difference on the next two cars makes me think that it’s another RR but I’m no expert. N&W could work, perhaps. I’ve been going through my photos documenting all of the freight cars. For covered hoppers, here is what I’ve seen: B&O, WM, PLE/NYC, and CNJ. This is only in the photos that I have and where I can read the road names. There are plenty that I can’t make out. I didn’t know TW Perry received shipments from Front Royal – that is really cool. I’m all about adding that context to the layout. Do you know of other shipper routes that were common on the Branch like that one? Also, regarding the black covered hoppers, one commodity that I’ve been hoping to shed some light on is granulated carbon. I believe it’s the sort of thing you’d find in a water pitcher filter element. It’s indicated as a commodity that was handled at the Dalecarlia water treatment plant during my era. I found a couple articles on handling the material, but would like to know some railroads that handled the stuff and where it came from. Another mystery. Thank you!

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