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Kelly’s Georgetown Branch layout updates

Dale_Tunnel5My friend Kelly is moving along on his Georgetown Branch layout, making great strides and some impressive progress! My model RR club, RMRRS, visited his layout a couple months ago and were really impressed. He has since completed the “paving” in Georgetown and reworked and scenicked the Georgetown Jct. area. Very cool!

I have some more photos in my gallery:

Bradley Blvd. Bridge On Film!

I recently discovered the most excellent Bethesda Chevy Chase Back In The Day Facebook group, which is loaded with memories from back in the day. A few railroad related photos and stories, which are fun, but I particularly enjoyed this dark, psychedelic film which ends with a sort of twisted murder rampage. It’s not that graphic but the music and filming style makes it pretty fun to watch. Anyway, what’s this got to do with the Georgetown Branch? Well, the final “scene” of the film part of this movie was staged on the bridge across Bradley Blvd.! You get some neat scenes (albeit short) showing the tracks and surrounding area. Enjoy!

Bethesda ’74-75 – featuring a short clip of the Georgetown Branch

Article about the Georgetown Branch in the Gazette

I was interviewed for an article recently published in the Gazette, a local Montgomery County paper. The article covers the tracks recently uncovered in Bethesda (old team tracks, I believe) and how they provide a link to Bethesda’s industrial past. I myself got to see some of the tracks uncovered a month ago and it was a really special sight.

The article is available to read here:

RMRRS came, saw(ed) and conquered (worked)

A group of guys from my train club (Rockville Model Railroad Society) met at my house last night and helped work on the layout. Accomplishments:

  • Broke down some old benchwork from a members’ old layout (sorry Andy, but it will find a new home elsewhere on the layout – everything, including screws, was salvaged)
  • Built a box frame for the benchwork at one end of the room
  • Sanded the section of spline roadbed that is complete
  • Planned the addition of a small section of spline roadbed to join the existing stretch which is the location of the Government Mapping Agency siding (paper, etc.) and placed an order for some CVMW flexible turnout kits to use here. (There is a slight curve and a conventional straight or curved turnout will not work properly.)

Next up will be installing the siding, installing the box and building out the benchwork, starting the upper deck and working on the helix. Photos from the evening will be posted soon in the Gallery.

Layout progress & a couple photos

Well, it’s been a long, long time (once again) since my last update here. If you’re regularly checking the Gallery page then you know that I’ve been posting some progress photos of the layout construction. I’m about half way done with the helix but it’s slow going. Mainly due to the addition to my family- a new baby girl! Born on 7/5/06.

In the meantime, I’ve done a couple other things GB related. I was lucky enough to gain access to a wonderful collection of old GB photos and documents which has helped greatly in my research. I also took a tour of the Georgetown Waterfront to document all the changes that are occuring there. And, I’ve posted a couple photos from a site visitor in the Gallery.